About The Trap Wardrobe


Ever since I can remember I hated the thought of professional clothes. Why can’t I wear ripped jeans or workout pants? I can make that look cute, I mean isn’t that the whole point of professional clothes? Making sure you look put together. I can make ripped jeans and sweats look put together! Unfortunately, I graduated and got a job that doesn’t trust my judgement. Along the way I found ways to be put together and comfortable without breaking the dress code or spending all my coins. So, I am here to share how I do that!

P.S I love trap music, hence, The Trap Wardrobe.

P.P.S Not house trap, but like… music you make in a trap house with your hood rat friends, doing hood rat things. 



2 thoughts on “About The Trap Wardrobe

  1. I am in love with your blog. The concept, the aesthetics, the everything!!! Thankfully, my job lets us dress however we come so I am able to express myself via my wardrobe. It’s still an office though and I still receive side eyes; I’m good at my job though so WHO CARES. 🤗 It’s still fun to wear professional clothes with personality though. Everything doesn’t have to come from J. Crew or Banana Republic to be fly for work. Looking forward to all of your fashion posts.


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    1. You’re too sweet, Dom! Thank you for your sweet words. My clothes always has to represent my personality and style even with a dress code. Love your support ❤

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