Winter Layered Cozy Look

My first day back from the Holidays… it’s been a struggle, but I’m staying cozy. Add or take off layers if needed depending on the weather in your city. 

Outfit Details:
Black hooded cardigan || HM
Wheat ribbed long sleeve || Forever21
Stripped flowy pants || Zara Trafaluc Collection
Link: Zara Pants
Pointed two tone flats || Zara Trafaluc Collection
Link: Burgundy Alternative

Grey Scarf || HM
Link: Exact Scarf


2 thoughts on “Winter Layered Cozy Look

  1. You are killing the coulottes! I love when the 70s reemerge in fashion!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, they are my favorite thing to wear to work!


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