Bundled Winter Outfit

It has been raining here in the last few days and that gets anyone’s mood down. I have been fueling myself with a to-do list, chai tea, and a put together outfit. The key is to stay cozy, hydrated, and know what needs to get done!

Outfit Details:
Turtle Neck Sweater || Uniqglo

Link: Turtle Neck
Chunky Scarf || (From a brand I no longer support) 
Link: Similar Scarf
Single Striped Trousers || Zara Trafaluc 
Link: Similar Trousers
Pointy Toe flats || Joe’s Jeans from Nordstrom Rack



4 thoughts on “Bundled Winter Outfit

  1. I love that turtle neck!!

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    1. Thank you, love ❤ It's also very comfy, not itchy at all!


  2. Your scarf game is on level Lenny Kravitz and I love it! Even though I live in South Florida and never really get to use my scarves, I have a bunch. They make me feel so posh. ❤️


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    1. If Lenny Kravitz and you are saying my scarf game is on, I must be doing something right!

      I mean, you never know when you’ll travel and need or a scarf or you can wear it when the AC is turned on too high!

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