Sunday Brunch Outfit

It’s been a while since I felt the sun on my skin. The sun was beaming and I felt life come back to my soul. I swear, the sun is my cup of coffee. I met up with some of my girls and had brunch at this cute little throwback spot near Venice Beach in LA. If you know me, you know I love brunch. I ordered a salmon royal scramble with brown rice and avocado on top. They had an outdoor and indoor seating area. We got seated in a 70’s garden rendition with Chanel posters and quirky little details. People were dressed business casual or very Love and Hip Hop LA. We almost thought cameras were going to roll up…



Outfit Details:
Oversized T-Shirt || Urban Outfitter Men’s
Link: Similar Top

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans || Boohoo
Link: Boyfriend Jeans

Strappy Silve Sandals || Birkenstocks from ASOS
Link: Silver Birks
Belt || From a store we don’t speak of because of their insensitive ads
Link: Skinny Black Belt



2 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch Outfit

  1. Brunch looked delish! Love your look! Your hair is so cute like this!
    Lmao @ Love and Hip Hop LA. I think it’s hilarious that that’s even an aesthetic. I feel like that’s what I would describe Miami Fancy. It’s tacky in a cute way?

    Dom |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I don’t usually put it up when I curl it and I’m really feeling it!

      There were two girls sitting outside in the patio area, with makeup and hair on 100. One had on a yellow baking top and matching biker shorts. The other girls had on a similar outfit but orange. I don’t know how I would describe that..


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