Weekday Concert Outfit

One of my favorite things is to attend are concerts. There is something so satisfying about hearing your favorite artists live. When the song is playing in real time and then experiencing the vibe of everyone else there, it is weirdly therapeutic. I used to go to concerts all time, even when I was a poor college student. I would find a way to make it work. Now that I’m working Monday-Friday in a  new city it has been hard to find a concert that lands on a weekend and find people who are also free. However, this year, I’m lucky to have a more flexible schedule and people who like the same music as me. I went to a DVSN concert on a Wednesday and I warned my co workers that I might be a zombie the next day. Even though I only slept 4 hours I somehow got to work before them. It is possible to fit an event on a weekday but make sure you do some detailed planning. Be sure to have nothing important scheduled right when you get to work. 

Another reason why I love concerts, besides the experience, is supporting your favorite artists. Contrary to popular belief, concerts and merchandise they sell is where a majority of their revenue comes from. It is the best way for a fan to contribute to their success. CD’s cost a lot of money to make, they have royalties to pay, and their record labels take most of the sales. Concerts are the best way to support your favorite artists and create a nostalgic experience. 

Outfit Details
White Mock Neck Sweater || Forever21
Link: Similar Sweater
Suede Skort || Zara Basic
Link: Nude Alternative
Grey Jean Jacket || Forever21
Link: Alternative Jean Jacket
White Purse || Zara Basic
Link: Similar Alternative


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