Sneaker Styling

Styling sneakers is my favorite past time. The outfits that I feel most comfortable in, always involve sneakers. They give off a chill vibe and somehow make someone more intriguing yet personable. It can be tricky to find the outfits to go with sneakers or the right sneakers to go with your outfits. Sometimes it is the sneaker that makes the outfit but other times you want your outfit to have its own flare. 

I have two rules:
1. If the sneaker is a neutral color, I can either go all neutral (monochromatic look) or add colors and not be worried I’m over doing it
2. If the sneaker is majority a non-nuetral color (red, highlighter, or various colors) then my outfit needs to stay more neutral (Jeans, khaki, white, tan, black, grey) but different textures are a great addition


Casual Work Day
I deem this outfit appropriate for work because the only thing casual are the sneakers. They are white and grey, and not a loud pair of shoes. I wore this to go museum hopping but would comfortably wear this to work (depending how strict your dress code is).

Outfit Details
Zara Mustard Maxi Dress – Similar Dress
Grey Denim Cropped Jacket – Similar Jacket
Light Grey Scarf – Similar Scarf 
Adidas NMD RX1 – Exact Pair & Similar Pair

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Thrifting and the Movies
Going thrifting with a thrifted outfit, makes sense. Vintage pieces go perfectly with sneakers and completes the casual retro look. When wearing vintage clothing, the mens section is my favorite place to look. There is nothing more comfortable than oversized clothing. 

Outfit Details
Nike Windbreaker (thrifted) – Similar Jacket
Levi’s shorts (thrifted) – I got these from Wasteland clothing
Jordan 12’s (SZA) – Sneakers

IMG_7473 (1)

Running Errands
Weekends are for errands. I like to wear all neutrals with colorful sneakers and in this case all black. The cap is for my third day hair that I did not want to bother with. If I am out all day running around, I want to be comfy and chic. 

Outfit Details
Grey Denim Cropped Jacket – Similar Jacket
Black Bodysuit – Similar Bodysuit
Black Nike Cap – Similar Cap
Nike Flyknit Airmax 1 – Similar Sneakers



Wine Picnic & Kickback
I wrote wine picnic because all we brought to the picnic was wine. I wore an oversized men’s rugby shirt. I bought this shirt from the men’s section of Urban Outfitters and wear it as a dress. It has muted colors but I paired it with my Silver Bullets. I wear black shorts underneath so I don’t have to be conscious of exposing myself. 

Outfit Details
Men’s Rugby Shirt size XL – Similar Style
Black Shorts – Black Shorts
Nike Airmax 97’s – Silver Bullets


Just Hanging Out
By now it is obvious I like oversized clothing. my ideal outfit would be tall t’s and sneakers if that was an option. I want to look somewhat stylish and presentable. I will settle for crew neck sweater, ripped jean shorts, and sneakers.

Outfit Details
Juicy Couture Crew Neck Sweater – Similar Sweater
Zara Ripped Jean Shorts – Ripped Shorts
Jordan 1 Bred Toe – Jordan 1

What are your styling go to’s?

Cover Art by IG:@artedeimalay

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