Yeezy or TrapYeezy?

In 2015 Kanye dropped his iconic line, Yeezy. His shoes were the highlight but throughout the Yeezy reign his color scheme caught my attention. 

The theme of monochromatic colors and tones. The tones are usually in the same family and muted. I recently bought a few tops and Yeezy came to mind. The Yeezy line ranges from $120-$1000. Luckily the pieces I put together can be bought with the price of one Yeezy item. I thought I would share the looks I created with the two tops. 

Nude It Out
Nude/Tan clothing are so easy to style and looks great with or without a tan. The different shades piece nicely together. 

Outfit Details
Boohoo Cropped Sweater – 
Chocolate Cropped Sweater
American Apparel Nude Jumpsuit –  
Similar Jumpsuit
Beige Nike Huaraches – 
Similar Huaraches

Black Out
Black is not a traditional color for the Yeezy line but the biker shorts and the monochromatic effect has been a huge trend. 

Outfit Details
Boohoo Cropped Halter Top – 
Black Cropped Halter Top
Biker Shorts –  
Black Shorts
Fenty Creepers – 
Similar Creepers

Hope these looks gives you some fashion inspiration. What do you think of the Yeezy lines so far?


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