Stuck somewhere in the inbetween of professionalism and trap music


About TTW:

Ever since I can remember I hated the thought of professional clothes. Why can’t I wear ripped jeans or workout pants? I can make that look cute, I mean isn’t that the whole point of professional clothes? Making sure you look put together. I can make ripped jeans and sweats look put together! Unfortunately, I graduated and got a job that doesn’t trust my judgement. Along the way I found ways to be put together and comfortable without breaking the dress code or break the bank. So, I am here to share how I do that, discuss lifestyle, and social media. I enjoy managing social media accounts and editing content! Any interests in social media management contact me with inquiries @ may93wu@gmail.com.

P.S I love trap music, hence, The Trap Wardrobe.

P.P.S Not house trap, but like… music you make in a trap house with your hood rat friends, doing hood rat things. 

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